Future Trilingual Baby?

Since I have ventured into my doctoral studies I have had little time to write on my blog. I’m also afraid that my time will be less available once my little bebito/a enters this world. I’m due June 7th! I have always planned on teaching my baby three languages, so I decided to take French this past fall. Boy was that going well UNTIL I started contracting extra hours. I’ll leave the fact that I dropped out of the second session of my French class for another posting.

Back to teaching my baby three languages. After attempting to learn a third one myself (and I still haven’t totally given up) I realize how hard and how much effort it’s going to take to teach three languages! If there’s ever a reason I was born a stubborn Taurus; this must be it.

Naturally, my baby is already exposed to Spanish & English, but French, that will be a challenge. We started reading to the baby and we started with a French book. I had my husband read it. This is when he was reminded that he needs to start attending French meet-up groups. So, the bottom line is I’m nervous about this venture. If I’m nervous, someone who knows more about language acquisition than the average person, then it’s no wonder parents don’t teach their children additional languages.

I have a game plan. I purchased the book The Bilingual Family by Edith Harding & Philip Riley.  I plan on using their recommendations, in addition to researching ones for raising a trilingual baby. Fortunately, Austin offers several French schools for children, although they are all private. 

Well…until we actually start making our home a trilingual one I guess everything, even raising a trilingual baby is questionable. Wish us luck. Better yet give us advice on how to go about this please.

2 responses to “Future Trilingual Baby?”

  1. Congratulations on the impending little one!

  2. Thanks Cheris! Hope all is well with you.

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