To learn more about bilingualism & trilingualism follow me on twitter (trilingualbaby). You can also read a monthly post (first one today: 3/5/10) about my attempts to create a trilingual home at This website has a plethora of information about raising bilingual and trilingual children. I think many readers will enjoy it as much as I have.

2 responses to “Noticias/News”

  1. Hello!

    Just found your blog today, and I am fascinated! We are trying to raise a trilingual baby ourselves. I am German, my husband Spanish, and we live in the UK, which is where little Natalie was born.

    I will be following your blog, and if you’d like to get in touch – please do!

    Best of luck for the birth and for your new life ahead!


  2. Thanks Anke. I will more than likely get in touch with you eventually as I know the trilingual journey will present some challenges.


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