Viva la nursing

There is not a single person that could have described the kind of intimacy that exists between a baby and a mother while nursing. It is the little nuances that occur that make nursing so special and such a unique experience. When I have tried to describe these little moments I have shared with my baby to others the sentiment, the context, the emotions are nearly impossible to translate.

Sure there are a long list of benefits to nursing, but in my opinion, the single most important one is the emotional attachment that forms between baby and mama. Think about it. Baby’s only way of communicating are through coo’s and crying, for the most part. The looks Sabrina gives me while nursing communicate so much more. Recently, she started reaching to touch my face while she nurses. So, I say, Viva la nursing! And to new mommies my one tip to you is to try and get as much support those first few weeks and months into nursing. I couldn’t have been successful without the help of my husband, a lactation consultant, my doula, a leche league leader, and some dear girlfriends. It may not be as difficult for some women as it was for me, but for those of you who may be struggling or worried about being able to nurse make sure you tap into all your communities resources before throwing in the formula. Viva la nursing!!

5 responses to “Viva la nursing”

  1. So true! Nursing is a commitment and definitely not an easy road to take, but I wouldn´t have had it any other way. I don´t think nothing prepares you for the real struggles of nursing, so it´s easy to see why so many give it up. You definitely need a lot of support, primarily from your partner.
    I nursed for a year and my daughter refused to take the bottle, making it more difficult because I just never had a break.
    Cherish the moments..

  2. Viva la nursing!!!

    I am still breastfeeding my 29 month old. And yes the attachment is the best part!

  3. You’re so right about that bond. It is the most amazing emotional link that I could ever imagine. I thought that looking into my husband’s eyes on our wedding day would never compare to anything, but those peaceful moments nursing are some of the most intimate experiences in a mother’s life. Nursing is good for the child’s health (surgeon general recommends a minimum of 2 years), builds the bond between mother and child, offers a more intimate sense of security for the child, and really benefits moms so much! Nothing compares! Thanks for sharing your thoughts…nursing is a beautiful thing! 🙂

  4. I absolutely agree. Nursing is just such an amazing experience for both the baby and the mum.
    How’s baby Sabrina???

  5. Sabrina is wonderful! She’s getting her first tooth which makes me nervous about nursing. I’m going to my first Leche League meeting this coming Tuesday with a list of questions/concerns to address 😉 Im looking forward to meeting moms in my neighborhood. Thanks for asking Mamen.

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