I'm bien pocha!

There is so much I could say about this…so much. In fact there are so many other words I could use instead of “pocha,” like bien gringa or bien whitewashed. It seems like the older I get and the more experiences that shape who I am now as a 34 year old woman the further I have gotten from where I came from. I grew up in Santa Ana, CA. Santana. An anomaly of a city in Orange County. It is a Mexican city. When I left I dressed like a mexicana from Santana (don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a chola), let’t just say that a year later my sisters and I did not go through a bottle of aqua net hair spray a week like we did when we were in Santa Ana.

My mom said that one of the many reasons we left was because we were starting to sound like the ghetto mexicanas. We ended up moving to a predominately White city. This is when I began to change. This is when the word “pocha” was used to describe who I was by fellow Mexicanos.

What exactly does “bien pocha” mean anyway? That I am missing or lacking some sort of cultural or ethnic identifier, like speaking Spanish as well as a native speaker?  I hate to sound upset about the phrase, but after so many years of trying to figure out exactly what it means to be pocha it can get a little frustrating. I guess my only understanding of it is that I am not Mexican enough and very American.

Well, fine, that’s exactly what I am. So, if this is one reason that makes me “bien pocha” then I am. I am guilty. I am bien pocha.

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