Tiki Tiki Blog Article

I have been meaning to share about an awesome opportunity I got to participate in last week. If you haven’t already done so you must check out the Tiki, Tiki Blog created by Carrie Weir. She provides a space for individuals to share about their experiences with anything and everything there is about Latino culture! I love reading all the stories on varied topics.

Last week I was lucky enough to have one of my stories shared on the Tiki, Tiki. I wrote about how I let go of fear when attempting to have a natural, medicince and intervention-free birth. If you are interested in reading people’s stories about Latino culture, then head on over to the Tiki, Tiki.

I hope you like my story! It was a hard story to write. There are so many angles I could have written from and I chose one that I thought could best benefit any readers interested in learning about an intervention and med-free birth. Enjoy, just click on the link below!

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