As we approach the day we are taking off to Quito, Ecuador the Spanish is rolling off my tongue like fire. I guess you can say traveling motivates me. In fact, I have been dreaming in Spanish, which NEVER happens unless I’m actually in a Spanish-speaking country and for some time.

We are going to Quito for a cousin’s wedding. It has been six years since the last time, and only time, I set foot in this colorful South American country. It will also be our first time traveling internationally as a family. I am excited, yet a little apprehensive because I know the experience will not compare to the last, nor the numerous trips I have taken abroad with my husband and with girlfriends for that matter. It is a new “epoca” in our life, in my life. From here on out I will carry a new identity as a traveler. One as a mother. There will be new worries, new interests, new adventures to say the least.

I have to remind myself that this is our first trip internationally. We will learn a lot I am sure, but at the same time it will serve as an experience that will only make us more savvy as parents who love to travel. It will only make our future trips easier…I hope. This is something I keep repeating.

To that end, I am requesting tips. Tips about how to make traveling internationally with a one year old easier. And to those of you who are traveling with your family this summer, Bon voyage!

8 responses to “Quito-bound!”

  1. I love that you are involving your whole family in this experience! as for traveling with a small child, i wish i could lend wisdom but I am yet too young to have a child… but make many memories and save them because growing up I loved hearing about the things my family had done with me when i was a child and seeing the photos from those experiences!

  2. I don’t have any children so I have no idea how to travel with a 1 year old or a kid of any age. However, I do commend you for doing so! I guess just make sure to bring extra diapers and everything else? Lol. Enjoy!

  3. Have safe and fun trip! As far as the one-year-old, bring coloring books and activities that will keep him entertained 🙂

  4. oooh, i was traveling this morning and seeing all these women with children and wondered how they did it all! I was like oh no! I’m so not ready for all of that. I can barely carry my own bags. More power to them and you for trekking across the sea with a 1 yr. old! Good Luck!

  5. Good luck in your travels! I will be interested to hear what you learn. I don’t have any suggestions about traveling internationally with a 1-yr-old. I didn’t travel internationally with my son until he was about 9. It sounds like you’ve adjusted expectations, and I’m sure it will be fantastic. Can’t wait to hear all about it… 🙂

  6. I wish I dreamed in Spanish. No more….or rarely. Sigh.

    Have a wonderful trip! We took Maria to Greece when she was 9-months. I used a Solarveil mesh sling I bought online. It was a lifesaver. She was in it most of the time and she did great!

    I also used one of those car seats that also is a stroller. Not ideal for cobblestone streets, but it came in handy.

    And of course, I took a small bag with every sort of medicine I could ever need. Never had to use it!

    Have fun…and get the sling!!!

  7. Hi!!!!
    Wow, you must be really excited: going back to Ecuador after so long plus traveling abroad with your baby for the first time…
    I did it when my daughter was 7 months, we spent one week in England and it was a wonderful experience. You must probably have thought about this already, but here you are some tips:
    -carry a bag with you all the time (aircraft included) containing anything your baby could need: plenty of drinks and food, a blanket (it’s usually cold on the plane), clean clothes, toys, paracetamol (just in case), diapers…
    -it wasn’t as easy as I had thought to find the same type of food that my daughter ate at home. You could buy a few “purés” and bring them with you, just in case.
    -as for water, give only mineral water to your baby all the time, their stomachs are more delicate than ours
    -just try to adapt your needs to hers, it’s easy to find a balance so that she can be comfortable and her timetables respected, and you and your husband can have some fun and enjoy the trip. I’m sure she will enjoy as well.
    I hope this comes in time!
    Bon voyage!!!!
    Mamen xxxxx

  8. Que bueno que vas a Ecuador. Yo no lo conozco pero tengo amigos ecuatorianos y son fantasticos. Mi unico consejo es que comiences a hablarle en espanol a tu bebita.

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