Who makes it to the rooftop? A perspective of how social class and race play pivotal roles in shared experiences.

As I was sipping my delicious peach cream martini from the rooftop of a prominent bar in Manhattan I glanced around and noticed that most people, lucky enough to enjoy this experience, were, or appeared to be, white. It’s truly a small percentage considering the hundreds of people that walk the streets of New York City, not to mention the amount of diversity amongst pedestrians!

There are obvious factors to take into account, such as the possibility that the faces making an appearance on the rooftop are mostly those of tourists, although I think I can still pose the same question.

This thought exactly is one of the reasons why I am pursuing a Ph.D in bilingual education. Analyzing how certain individuals make it, to say a rooftop to enjoy a view and cocktail, seems to have always permeated my mind to the point of frustration, making me wish I could see beyond the “benefits” of race and social class. In other words, sometimes I wish I knew less, questioned and analyzed less. Frankly put, sometimes I wish I could change the way I interpret life…sometimes ignorance is bliss.

It Takes a Whole Pueblo to Nurse a Baby!

Below is a link to my most recent posting with Mother’s Utopia! Saray, an Ecuadorian native, started the website and blog in order to support mother’s who wish to nurse their bebit@s.

What I love about her and the work she does, which includes providing doula services, is that she is also a voice for Latino community!

I hope that you take the time to explore her website and that you enjoy my personal account about nursing my baby girl. Just click on the link below:

It Takes a Whole Pueblo to Nurse a Baby!