How to choose the best foreign language school for your child.

Has this crossed your mind? Are you in the process of trying to find a foreign language school for your child? This topic is one I have been thinking a lot about for several years. As a former teacher I often times sought out the ideal settings to teach Spanish or English in and what I have come to realize are many things that make a great way to learn another language. I am in the process of drafting an e-book about the characteristics that make a foreign language school/experience the best for YOUR child. In other words, just like many parents spend time and money scoping out schools, in general, the parent who has learning a second or third language a priority for their child also has special interests and important decisions to consider and make.

In my opinion, there are so many things to consider, but the problem the parent who has learning another language as top priority also has the added challenge of being limited by the number of schools to choose from in any city they may live in. It is, unfortunately, a situation very common in the US.

I am writing this post to get an idea about the specific interests parents have when looking into foreign language schools in their community. I’d like to offer my unique perspective, not only as a parent who shares the same interest in finding the perfect foreign language school, but as a doctoral student who knows about some of the most optimal methodologies to teach/learn another language.

Please share some of your specific interests/concerns when looking into foreign language schools.

3 responses to “How to choose the best foreign language school for your child.”

  1. I don’t have kids, but I know that DC has some incredible foreign language schools.. It’s almost as if they city allows for them b/c of the amount of international people there.

    1. Amazing, isn’t Bren. I definitely think the communities support is pivotal in creating and nurturing strong foreign language schools.

  2. Have you looked at the Milwaukee Public Schools Immersion programs? My children attend the Milwaukee German Immersion School. Milwaukee has 3 full immersion schools (Spanish, French, and German) and additional programs in Italian and Mandarin.
    I had planned to homeschool my daughter when she started kindergarten almost 3 years ago. But when we discovered the German Immersion school, we decided that this was something I could not offer her at home. It has been an absolutely amazing experience. My husband will be finishing his PhD this year and we will likely be moving away from Milwaukee in the next year or two. I am very disappointed at the prospect of leaving this wonderful program. I believe we will look for at least some kind language classes for our children when we move, though I know it will be harder to find in German than in Spanish or French.
    I would encourage to you check into these schools for your research.

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