Co-authored a multicultural & multilingual children’s book, Vitamina T for Tacos!

The adventure began during family carne asadas in our backyards! Mando Rayo and I, along with our significant others and children, would share common experiences about growing up in the US/Mexico borderlands. For us, it included nuances unique to our cultural experiences, in addition to delicious TACOS. This children’s book is not only about yummy amazing tacos from our experiences in Texas and California, but about representation. Young children and their parents are able to connect with people, places, experiences and, of course, food in ways that reflect what it can look and sound like to grow up in the U.S. as proud Latinx people. There are several things I love about our book, Vitamina T for Tacos, that Martha Samaniego Caledron, the illustrator, so beautifully captured, but my favorite part is that it is purposefully written in Spanglish. Young bilingual children will be able to see themselves in the book and hear their language practices in ways that are close to our bilingual corazones. I hope you enjoy the book! Disfruten and don’t be surprised if you have the urge to prepare some tacos right after reading it with young children!

*You can buy the book on most online bookstores including Book Depository (they deliver worldwide and for free!) and Book Shop (they support local bookstores!).

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