Consulting Services

My experience as a parent raising multilingual children combined with my expertise in bilingualism provides valuable insight for parents who are trying to raise bilingual and bicultural children.  A common topic we discuss is choosing “the right school” and the kind of questions to ask administrators in order to meet the bilingual goals parents or guardians have for their  family. I have helped parents think through the process of choosing a school that balances their unique (bilingual) challenges. We have also reviewed and discussed  the kind of bilingual strategies to use at home in order to sustain the attempt to raise bilingual children over time. In years past, I have met with parents in person, via Skype, Face time, or on the phone.

My experience also includes consulting community members who are trying  to implement bilingual programs that will meet the needs of their student demographic. I have also provided advice about bilingual (language learning) products designed with the child in mind.

My consulting services expands to  publishers seeking to market bilingual children’s books. I love reviewing books before they have been published, but am also happy to help promote a book I see as being multiculturally and linguistically rich for young children. This is actually a special interest of mine. As a professor of education, I teach a multicultural children’s literature course where we take the time to analyze several aspects of bilingual children’s books from the messages illustrations can send to the way multiple languages are represented in a book.

If you are interested in setting a time to:

  • discuss your bilingual or multilingual product
  • review or promote a bilingual/bicultural book
  • discuss the kind of bilingual and educational experiences you want for  your child
  • explore the kinds of curricular and program decisions your school is trying to make for bilingual children

Please contact me via e-mail at Before we meet, I will ask you a set of questions to make sure I understand your interests and goals. Your responses to the questions will give me an idea of what you hope to gain from a consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Suzanne Garcia-Mateus, Ph.D.