Journal Publications

  • García-Mateus, S., Zuniga, C. & Nuñez, I. (Under review). Linguistic Trauma to Bridging: Dual Language Teachers Testimoniando Borderlands Translanguaging Pedagogies. Teachers College Record.
  • Nuñez, I. & García-Mateus, S. (2021). Ruptures of Possibilities: Mexican Origin Mothers as Critical Translanguaging Pedagogues. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal.
  • García-Mateus, S., (2020). Bilingual Student Perspectives about Language Expertise in a Gentrifying Two-Way Immersion Program. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.
  • García-Mateus, S. (2020) “Yeah, Things are Rough in Mexico. Remember We Talked About Hard Times?” Process Drama and a Teachers Role in Critically Engaging Students to Dialogue About Social Inequities in a Dual Language Classroom. Urban Review, 53, 107–126
  • García-Mateus, S., & Palmer, D. (2017). Translanguaging Pedagogies for Positive Identities in Two-Way Dual Language Bilingual EducationJournal of Language, Identity & Education16(4), 245-255.
  • Palmer, D., Martinez, R.M., Mateus, S.G., Henderson, K., (2014) Reframing the Debate on Language Separation: Towards a Vision for Translanguaging Pedagogies in the Dual Language Classroom. Modern Language Journal, Vol. 98, Issue 3.


  • Palmer, D. & García-Mateus, S. (2023) Gentrification and bilingual education: A Texas TWBE school across seven years. Edited volume, Lexington Books.

Children’s Books

  • Rayo, A. & García-Mateus, S. (2022). Vitamina C for Cultura. (M. Samaniego, Illustrator.). Jade Publishing.
  • Rayo, A. & García-Mateus, S. (2021). Vitamina T for Tacos. (M. Samaniego, Illustrator.). Jade Publishing.

Book Chapters

  • García-Mateus, S & Nuñez, I., & Urrieta, L. (Accepted). Identity Construction and Students in DLBE Classrooms. Preparing for submission to an invited book chapter in the book titled, The Handbook of Dual Language Bilingual Education. Eds. Juan A. Freire, Cristina Alfaro, and Ester de Jong.
  • Palmer, D. & García-Mateus, S. (Accepted). Colonizing Hillside Elementary: The figured world of parent engagement at a (gentrifying) two-way bilingual school. Chapter 1, in K. Menken, J. Freire, & G. Delavan, Eds. Countering Gentrification in DLBE, Multilingual Matters.
  • Nuñez, I. & García-Mateus, S. (2022). Interrogating our Interpretations and Positionalities: Latinx Researchers as Scholar Activists in Solidarity with Our Communities, Book Chapter in Critical Ethnography, Bi/Multilingualism, Race(ism) and Education. Eds: Stephen May and Blanca Caldas.
  • Showstack, R. & García-Mateus, S. (2022). Latinx Parents Raising Bilingual Children: An Exploration of the Monolingual Norm and Translanguaging in Family Language Practices. Book chapter in the book titled, Communicative Spaces in Bilingual Contexts: Discourses, Synergies and Counterflows in Spanish and English. Eds. Jessica Retis & Ana Sánchez Muñoz.
  • García-Mateus, S., Henderson, K., Tellez-Arste, M., Palmer, D., (2021).  An Experienced Latina Bilingual Teacher and PreK Latinx Students in the Borderlands: Translanguaging Pedagogy as Humanizing Pedagogy. In O. Garcia & M. Sánchez (Eds.), Transformative translanguaging espacios: Latinx Students and their Teachers Rompiendo Fronteras Sin Miedo.
  • García-Mateus, S., Heiman, D, Strong, K.A., Palmer, D.K., (2020) One White Student’s Journey Through Six Years of Elementary Schooling: Uncovering Whiteness and Privilege in Two-way Bilingual Education, Book Chapter in Bilingualism for All? Raciolinguistic Perspectives on Dual Language Education. Editors: Nelson Flores, Nicholas Subtirelu, & Amelia Tseng. Multilingual Matters.


  • Tian, S., Wong, J.W., García-Mateus, S. (2022). Centering Translanguaging and Critical Consciousness in Chinese/English Educational Programs. Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED).
  • Cavazos, A.G., García-Mateus, S., & Tian, Z. (2022). Translanguaging in Education: A Trandisciplinary Perspective.  Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED).
  • García-Mateus, S., Wong, J.W., Chaparro, S., (2021) A Critical Perspective on the Educational Labeling of Multilingual Students in the United States. American Association for Applied Linguistics.


Book Reviews

  • Mateus, S.G. (2014). Review of Translanguaging: Language, Bilingualism, and Education, by Ofelia Garcia and Li Wei. Bilingual Research Journal, Vol. 37, Issue 3.
  • Mateus, S. G. (2014). Review of Additive Schooling in Subtractive Times: Bilingual Education and Dominican Youth in the Heights, by Lesley Bartlett and Ofelia Garcia Language and Education, Vol. 28, Issue 3.
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