My identity revolves around my many roles. I am a mother raising language warriors, an activist and advocate with and for communities of color, and a teacher that will always center social justice issues at the core of what I do. I am an Assistant Professor in the Education and Leadership Department at California State University- Monterey Bay as an Assistant Professor. The position includes supporting the Monterey Institute for English Learners (M.I.E.L) emerge as an (interdisciplinary) institute that serves the local migrant community’s needs and interests especially as they relate to education.

This blog was created 15 years ago!! It has been an amazing journey. At the time, I wanted an informal space where I could write about my research interests and make sense of my personal experiences growing up bilingual.  My research interests include the intersection of race, ethnicity, class, language, and the co-construction of identity in multilingual school contexts.Most recently, I completed a project interviewing Latinx parents about their family language policy decisions and their attempt to raise 3rd generation bilingual children in the U.S. My specialization includes bilingual and bicultural education with a focus on students with a Latinx and immigrant background.  *Opinions are my own.

In previous years, I have written for Spanglish Baby dot com (2009 – 2014), Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), and had a post featured on the NBC Latino website. I have also been interviewed by Telemundo about how to raise bilingual children and by Radio Bilingüe promoting Latinx parents right to a Bilingual Education in California after the passing of Proposition – 58.

Hope to hear from you at!

Saludos desde Central Coast, California!


12 responses to “Bio”

  1. Hello Suzanne,
    I do not know how I came about your site but my kids are trilingual (English, Spanish, Turkish). I do not speak or understand Spanish at all myself. They all attended a dual immersion program from K-gr.8. Two of my kids are in high school now and are doing great (4.0 gpa’s), while the other one is in grade 4. Right now in our district they are trying to cut our dual immersion (English/Spanish) program over others to save money. The frustrating part is that the program doesn’t cost much money at all and it took over 10 years to make it the success it is today. For some reason we have been a target. I am actually calling out to you to possibly throw out some advice to our board, the costs of eliminating such a program. I am hoping that through your education you have facts we can enlighten our board with to discourage them from eliminating the program this Tuesday. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact me via my e-mail address. The school in question is the Barbour Language Academy in Rockford, IL.
    Thank you,
    Sule Bertram

  2. Hi Sule,

    I am sending you an e-mail.


  3. Cool! We found a lot of things in common between you and me. We are both bilingual (Chinese and English). I had a 100% natural birth and I breastfed my baby for almost a year. My daughter is now 14 months and half. I would like to expose her to a trilingual environment – Chinese, English and Spanish. I also live in Austin and I actually just graduated from UT-Austin with my Ph.D.

    1. Hi Jing,

      That is so cool how much we have in common! Congratulations on your recent graduation! That seems like a very far moment for me….what did you study? Maybe we should organize a play date sometime?


  4. hi Suzanne, I speak 5 languages and am also raising my child trilingual (for now). What languages are you teaching yours other than Spanish and English? I am from Iran, grew up in Austria and am now in the US so we need at least Persian, German and English in the house. We started to help parents with tools for language learning. Pls let me know if you can check it out and if you would like to write for us some day. thanks again Shabnam Rezaei

  5. Hi Suzanne,
    I’m a senior journalism student at UT working on a story about bilingual education in Austin. Would you be available for a brief phone interview sometime soon (Sunday, May 6th at the absolute latest)? Please e-mail me and let me know. devontincknell(at) Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Suzzanne
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts in your blog!
    I am also considering homeschooling my daughter using three languages (Spanish, English and Arabic). I wonder if you can recommend a book about homeschooling in different languages, one that gives you a good overall picture to get started…(i dont have much time to read these days…). Let me know pls. Thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks for writing.
    We are doing Spanish at home with me, my son’s father, and Chinese classes weekly. Also a few French classes thrown in. Having a blast.

  8. Hello Suzanne,

    I am an undergraduate (bilingual Polish&German) student from Germany and working in the field of Multilingual First Language Acquisition. My latest task is to do research in trilingual Fist LA. I wanted to ask you whether there is any literature you could recommend?
    Thank you very much in advance 🙂

    1. Yes, check out Simona Montanari, Ph.D.books about trilingualism. Also, google scholar is very helpful, too.

  9. Hi Suzanne, I love your blog and I would like to invite you to join the Social Fabric community of bloggers. Please email me so I can send you more information. Thanks! – Paula

  10. Hello Suzanne,

    I just discovered your blog and it looks really interesting to me, as I am Spanish but speak English to my 22-month-old baby, even though I am not an English native speaker and we also live in Spain.

    Where we live, children are also taught in a third language (Catalan), which makes things even more interesting:)

    I also started a blog a few months ago where I write about our experience and share some vocabulary and expressions we use in our daily routines.

    I will definitely be reading your posts!

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