Mira que gorda estas :)

Alright, here’s something I will probably never understand. This is an experience practially ALL of my American friends who have family or friends in Latin America have experienced. It starts with a friendly greeting, “Hola (besos y abrazos) como estas? Mira que gordos estan! Como les va?” Whoa!!!! What? Did they just call us fat? Yup, same reaction everytime. My girlfriend and I go through this experience back and forth trying to figure out WHY? Why do they (family or friends from south of the border) think it’s ok to comment on their opinion about our weight.

When I was in the Dominican Republic they wouldn’t say you were fat or a little overweight, they would say “El es muy fuerte!” Doesn’t that sound better? My grandmother on the other hand whenever she would think one of us was way too skinny would sit us down and ask if everything was ok. I think in the Latin culture if you are overweight people think you are doing well…maybe. That’s one rational I have gotten. The others aren’t sure why people feel it’s ok to comment on an individuals weight.

Another notion about the “Ay mira que gorda estas” comment is that Latinas talk about appearances (which I am sometimes guilty of myself) as if it was all that mattered. I guess thats one reason why I, and others, find the comment such a nuisance.

Who knows? Can anyone enlighten me on this topic?

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