Observing, Interpreting, Reporting Bilingualism

Lately I feel as if using Spanish  in our home is like another person. I still haven’t decided if this person is a man or a woman. Sometimes I feel like its a moody, always complaining chick. Other times I imagine Spanish is a stubborn man, just sitting there, not saying a word. Many times, thankfully, Spanish is a fun and loving child making her way in our home. As I have mentioned before, and as the title of my blog clearly states, I have an obsession with interpreting my bilingual life. Many times I find myself literally observing, interpreting and reporting (on this blog and my conversations with people) about bilingualism. I’ve learned that the more I make it a point to use Spanish or expose our lives to Spanish intentionally the more material I have to write about. So, off I go…to continue reporting about bilingualism and trilingualism. I’ve started a list of blog postings I have in mind. Finding the time to write and post them is an ongoing challenge… as they say in French…C’est la vie.

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